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Emily King may very well be one of NYC’s best kept secrets, an artist loved by the learned and accessible to a keen ear. And while her hometown reverence may be right up there with that ill little pork bun and Thai tea spot down on Bayard or Jarobi’s Tribe Taco Tuesday pop-up happy-hour in BK (shameless plug, I know) it’s King’s timeless blend of pristine r&b chops and just a little bit of funk, paired to her brilliant vocal treatments that might just put her a notch or two above your cuddie local culinary treasures.


Suvi started writing music from a young age, but professionally honed her writing and vocal skills after moving to Los Angeles, California. Besides writing all of her original music, she has also penned songs for other up and coming artists in the US, UK, and South Korea. The passion of her writing process is apparent from the unique sound of her originals. Her latest single, that is to be released in early 2018, portrays her cool amalgamation of cultures.


Louisiana-born, LA-residing Young is promoting a brand new album, his fifth .... 'Wrinkles In Time' and that odd title gives a little clue as to what to expect, See, despite all this internet malarkey and his savvy use of social media, L is an old-fashioned soul man at heart and this manageable 9 tracker is stuffed with lovely old school soul.

Key pick is a delicious 'Can't Get You Off My Mind' which absolutely nails the classic Delfonics sound. If you were told that Thom Bell was at the controls, you'd believe it... a top, top tune!

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