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A Vet's Perspective

Blog by : "Lady Lena" of Talk Life Radio (www.talkliferadio.com)

Lady Lena shares here multi faceted passion for the arts and her beloved women veterans by restoring confidence through fashion.

Because life is our education! Live...Learn...Evolve...Always be you! - Lady Lena

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'Lady's Pop-Tique' was created to serve a passion after my own heart. Being a Marine Veteran myself, I have committed myself to serving other Women Veterans by creating the relationships needed to supply clothing to them so that they can reclaim their confidence through fashion and excel in their respective avenues of life. "My service to my sisters in arms has been recognized by the Long Beach Veterans Hospital for my commitment to the VA community and although I take no personal credit I find that it is important that I live my life in a way that might inspire my sisters through my work for them.

This passion I have for engaging my community of veterans and extensive work in both Los Angeles and Long Beach communities, in the past 6 months has blessed me with several opportunities to immerse myself in the small business community, public arts centers and people here in the city of Las Vegas! I look forward to the opportunity to grow with those who have a heart for those who have served.

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